Where Do I Start to Get My License?

The first thing to do is contact us. We can guide you through the process of learning how to fly and even give you an an introductory flight lesson where YOU are at the controls with an instructor guiding you. Then, go to our Home Page, access Be-A-Pilot to get a discount on an introductory flight lesson or just ask us "How can I get an introductory flight lesson?"

You will start out with your Private Pilot or Sport Pilot License. As you become hooked in the hobby and take extended trips, you will find yourself getting the Instrument Rating. This rating not only makes you a better and safer pilot, your flying options become wide open.

What we offer...

- Flight Training Programs to Meet Your Schedule

- One-on-One Flight Training with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor

What do I need to learn to fly?

- Learning materials which can be purchased from us (textbook, workbook, flight computer (E6B), plotter, charts, logbook)

- Medical Certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner

- The desire to fly

How do I start flying?

First, take an introductory flight lesson. It's about a half hour long and the instructor will let you fly the airplane and you can see how you like it. If you like flying, talk to us, then schedule your flight lessons. You will book both the instructor and the airplane for the time slots convenient for you. A lesson generally runs two hours which includes some ground school, a pre-flight briefing, pre-flight of the airplane, the flight lesson, and the post-flight review.

How much is it?

Learning to fly is cheaper than buying a motorcycle or snowmobile and look at how many places you can go in such a short period of time! Flying as often as possible until you receive your license is the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish your training. Talk to us about payment options. Remember, this training will last a lifetime.

How long does it take to learn to fly?

It depends on how much time you can devote to lessons and and studying for the FAA Knowledge Test. The weather plays a part in all this, too. For nine out of ten students, their flying requirements are completed before their written test. On average you can have your license in about nine or ten months.

Call us to schedule a 30 minute Introductory Flight for just $69 You'll be amazed how easy it is to fly. For the Commercial and CFI licenses and endorsements, please contact us and also visit the pages below.